Guest Post Contributions

If you’re a skilled writer whose expertise revolves around the digital world, and you’d like to share your knowledge with our audience, we’re glad to inform you that we accept guest posts!

Content requirements

We expect well-written, unique pieces, with topics related to digital marketing, social media, web design, WordPress, and similar topics. You’re free to choose whether it’s going to be a classic blog post, or a tutorial, review, or something similar.

Technical requirements

  • The post should be 1,500 words or longer
  • Uniqueness is a necessity! Plagiarism will not be accepted under any circumstances
  • While typing, don’t forget to press the enter key a few times and break the text apart into short paragraphs of 3-4 sentences
  • Add internal links leading to our previously published articles
  • Include external links to other credible sites
  • Add copyright-free images (3 or more)
  • Examples
  • Once published, the article is in the ownership of SaveTheVideo blog
  • We’re allowed to alter the details of the content
  • Include an author bio with your image, email address, as well as a link to your website
  • You’re free to include a do-follow link leading to your site/brand

If these requirements fit your preferences, please send over a few topic ideas (not complete articles), as well as links of your previously published work. If approved, it will take approximately two weeks for the article to be published. Send your pitch via the contact form below:

Furthermore, if you’d like to find more guest posting opportunities, here’s a suggestion of a list with 5000+ sites that accept guest posts.