How Law Companies Should Use Video Marketing: Make a Survey for Best Practices

In today’s digital world video is one of the most breakout trends and effective tools of marketing. In recent years video has become quite a popular online format, from educational content to product tutorials.

The demand for legal services is increasing․First of all, because of the existence of many laws does not allow to fully master everything and the assurance of not making a mistake. People can contact law offices of spar and bernstein, business law offices, real estate law offices and other law offices to make the deals implemented.

Various businesses include video content in their marketing strategy. Today, we’ll talk about the strategic value of video marketing for law firms. But first, let’s dive deeper and understand what video marketing is and what its main benefits are.

Video marketing

What is video marketing and how to use it?

Video marketing is the video content that you share with your audience to increase your business awareness.

Video marketing makes you stay connected with your audience on a much deeper level. It helps generate brand awareness, increase your website traffic, etc. You can use a variety of video marketing, such as tutorials, commercials, testimonials.

Video marketing is a very powerful tool that can assist you to talk with your audience in very simple language about complex topics. For example, it can be a perfect marketing tool to run a successful law firm. All you need is creativity and simple language. Remember that your video should be eye-catching from the beginning, because if you don’t attract your viewers within the first ten seconds, then the majority won’t go on watching it.

Video marketing also includes texts. Overlay small text on the video to make it stand out. Ideally, you can put a call-to-action text.

Let’s consider you are going to create an ad and tell your audience how to connect with the best injury lawyers in New York City. Along with your cool video, you should have a “call to action” in your video. If you are going to tell about Spar and Bernstein law offices you can have a text like – contact law offices of spar and bernstein during your video ad and mention the firm’s phone number.

Benefits of video marketing 

Video marketing can get your business off the ground. People love to share videos on Social Media more than any other content. Creative videos can spark consumers’ interest and lead traffic to your website. Ultimately videos can affect ranking factors because click-throughs are one of the major ranking factors.

According to HubSpot, 97% of marketers increased user understanding about their product or services by video content. Hence, video content can be the best tool to introduce your services to your potential clients.

Another benefit of video marketing is that video content is appealing to people of different ages. Seniors also prefer to watch videos rather than read texts.

If you are still on the fence about whether it is worth it to invest in video marketing, then have a look at this statistic: According to Statista online videos recorded an audience reach of almost 93% among internet users worldwide in 2022 and this trend is continuously growing. This is a really heavy argument, isn’t it?

Talk to your audience

Video audience

If you do not know what marketing strategy you need for your law company or you want to change your existing one, talk to your audience. Their feedback can be very useful to understand your gaps, your benefits, your audience’s preferred content type. After all, you can create a powerful future action plan.

You can use online platforms to create surveys. For example, HeySurvey is a free online survey maker to create powerful surveys. After your survey, visualize your data to analyze results better. It can be simply done with Chart Generator Tool. You’ll also need them in the future for comparison.

Afterwards, you can create a presentation to discuss your marketing strategy with your team. You can also convert your presentation into microlearning content and distribute it to your teams. EdApp is one of the platforms that provide free law training presentations for Powerpoint. It can even update your presentation to mobile-friendly micros lessons, so you can keep them and share with your team.

Techniques for Law farms to effectively use video marketing

We have already talked about one of the most important things- capture your audience’s attention in the first ten seconds. Begin your video with some interesting statement, joke or just ask an interesting question.

Optimize your videos properly and they will positively affect your SEO ranking. First of all you need to embed your video in your website. Also do not forget about video description, choose right hashtags and keywords. Secondly, pay attention to your plugin if you host a WordPress website. Right chosen plugins can improve ranking factors, for example, increase site speed. If you don’t know  which plugin is the best for your business, check this guide to learn about the best WordPress Plugins for law firm websites.

Another important detail your videos should contain are your law farms branded elements. Use your logo, brand colors to increase brand awareness.

Recording video

Building a brand’s image is not an easy pie to eat. In your marketing strategy you should include success stories and show why people should approach and trust you. If you are a new running business you should avoid legal mistakes instead of thinking that they can be resolved later. In order to avoid serious problems later which can have a negative impact on your brand’s authority, consider in advance which possible traps. Here you can learn about traps every entrepreneur should avoid.

Staying ahead of the competition will be easier with video content. Your potential clients can compare several law companies before making a final decision. You’ll get right to the point with compelling video content. Let’s highlight it once more – people tend to watch videos more than read text, so, outperform your competitors by providing cool video content. Potential customers will almost certainly watch your videos rather than reading the texts of other companies.


Video content has become an incredibly important component of marketing. When done correctly, video marketing can help your law firm thrive. It can help you build relationships with potential customers, influence ranking factors, and, of course, build a strong reputation for your brand. And finally, don’t forget to measure your success by soliciting feedback from your audience. Use their answers to improve your online performance.

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