How to See Who Liked You on Bumble Without Paying

Bumble, a popular dating app, empowers users to make meaningful connections by giving women the first move. One feature that sparks curiosity is the ability to see who has swiped right on your profile. While Bumble offers a premium subscription that provides access to this information, there are alternative methods to discover your admirers without paying. In this article, we’ll explore some effective techniques to unveil your likes on Bumble without shelling out any cash.

Using Bumble's Free Daily Extend

1. Using Bumble’s Free Daily Extend

Bumble provides a feature called “Daily Extend” that allows users to extend the match window for an additional 24 hours. This feature is usually reserved for premium users, but free users can access it once a day as well. By employing this feature strategically, you can potentially match with users who have already liked you.

Here’s how you can use Daily Extend:

– Open the Bumble app and go to your match queue.

– Find a match that you’re interested in and want to explore further.

– Tap on the “Clock” icon, which represents the Daily Extend feature.

– This will extend the match for another 24 hours, giving you more time to decide if you want to make the first move.

2. Utilizing Bumble’s Swipe Queue

Bumble’s Swipe Queue allows you to see profiles of users who have already swiped right on you. While you can’t view them all at once, this feature offers a glimpse into potential matches.

To access the Swipe Queue:

– Open the Bumble app and go to the “Bee” icon on the bottom menu (this is the queue of profiles waiting for you).

– You’ll see profiles in a queue format; users who have swiped right on you will be highlighted with a yellow circle.

3. Observing Profile Popularity

Keep an eye on the number of profile views you receive on Bumble. While this isn’t an exact science, a significant increase in profile views may indicate that you’ve garnered interest from other users.

4. Engaging in Conversations

Initiate conversations with users you find interesting. If they’ve already liked you, this could lead to a match. Plus, starting a conversation is a great way to get to know potential matches better.

5. Seeking External Tools

There are third-party apps and browser extensions that claim to reveal your likes on Bumble. However, exercise caution when using these, as they may violate Bumble’s terms of service and compromise your privacy.

Important Considerations:

– Respect Privacy: Remember that privacy and consent are crucial. Avoid using any methods that may infringe on other users’ privacy or violate Bumble’s terms of service.

– Avoid Scams: Be wary of websites or apps claiming to provide a definitive list of users who have liked you on Bumble. These may be scams or could potentially compromise your account.

– Value Authentic Connections: While it can be exciting to see who likes you, remember that meaningful connections are built on genuine conversations and shared interests. Don’t solely rely on likes as a measure of compatibility.


While Bumble’s premium subscription offers convenient access to see who has liked you, there are alternative methods for users who prefer not to pay. By utilizing features like Daily Extend and the Swipe Queue, engaging in conversations, and paying attention to profile activity, you can increase your chances of making meaningful connections on the app. Remember to prioritize privacy and respect in your online interactions, and let genuine connections flourish naturally. 

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