How To Get Started With Video Marketing For Your Business

Video marketing can benefit any business, whether you are just starting or you have been in the industry for a few years already. In 2022, it is projected that over 82% of consumer Internet traffic will come from online videos. If you are not in video marketing already, it’s time to jump in and take advantage of this consumer trend.

Here is how you can get started with video marketing in your business. Get organized, set a budget, and think of video ideas. Don’t forget to take advantage of social media to publish your videos.

Organize Your Marketing Tasks Using a Gantt Chart Template

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Get started by using a Gantt chart template to organize your marketing tests. You write each task on a micro card and then expand it on the calendar to show how many days you need to fulfill the task.

As you write each task, you can color code the cards to stay organized. Incorporate milestones into each task so you can complete the set task by separating them into shorter assignments so that you are not overwhelmed with finishing a job all at once.

Once you have input your tasks into the Gantt chart template, you can draw dependency lines between each one. This shows that only a specific task can be done if a previous one is finished and so on.

Professional Tip: Create a Gantt chart template that you can copy and paste once it’s time to make a new chart. Make a new chart every week, so you can set your goals weekly.

Set a Video Marketing Budget

Especially when you are just starting, it’s good to maintain a video marketing budget.

Figure out your video marketing budget by:

  • Pricing how much your video-making supplies will be.
  • Discovering how much you will pay for props for your videos on average.
  • Even budgeting how much your time will cost.

To lower your budget and make it more cost-efficient while running your new business, you can:

  • Video everything yourself, so you do not have to hire a videographer.
  • Use animations instead of props to save on output cost.
  • Write off the cost of props at the end of the year to get some money back on your tax return.

Professional Tip: Use Microsoft Excel (or Google Sheets) to chart out the costs for each item every month so you can compare to be sure you are following the set budget.

Think of Visual Ways To Present Your Business

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The idea of video marketing is to help your clients see what your business is like. In 2020, 83.3% of Americans accessed digital video content. Hence, video marketing has become more popular than ever to reach out to your audience and increase your client base.

Sure, writing blog posts and putting up Facebook and Instagram posts are great. However, more people flock to short to medium videos to learn about businesses.

Brainstorm video ideas based on what you think your audience wants to learn about your business. For example, if you run an interior design business, some video ideas could be the current interior design trends of whatever year you are publishing the video. With client approval, make before and after videos of the homes that you upgrade with new interior design features.

Video features on how to choose a new piece of furniture such as a lamp, bedside table, or couch based on current interior design trends.

If you are having trouble coming up with content, put out a poll on YouTube or your social media feeds to find out what your clients want to hear your input about. Asking your audience directly is a great way to reinforce viewership loyalty and onboard new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

To get a great video, you need the best editing software. You want one that has all the bells and whistles in terms of features and functions. You also need it to have a clear and simple UI so that people are able to make the most use of the same. The Pirate Bay is a platform that can help you access thousands of video editing software and download the ones that you deem fit for your video marketing needs.

Professional Tip: Keep your business videos to 2 minutes or under. Studies have shown that viewers will be the most engaged with this length of short videos. If your videos pass the two-minute mark, you will lose viewer engagement. Do not forget to tag keywords that will get your video more views. Make sure that you organize your videos in a digital asset management tool. Find an easy-to-navigate software like Brandfolder to simplify organization, access, and integration with different tools.

Post Your Videos On Social Media

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Once you have brainstormed ideas, filmed your video, and polished it via editing, you can post your videos directly on social media. Doing so can garner you about 48% more views.

Start with 20-30 second videos that will be highly engaging for your social media followers. Advertise a new product or service you are offering. Answer a question that many of your followers have been asking you in the comments. Discuss a pivotal topic related to your business industry that is currently in the news. Do whatever you are moved to do to engage your current audience and onboard new followers.

Professional Tip: Engage your followers with a poll on the same day each week to check in on what they want to hear from you.

Final Thoughts


Video marketing can take some time to get started, but consider it in your marketing repertoire. It will enhance your business success in the long run.

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