The Importance of Video Marketing for Niche Industries

Video marketing is a form of advertising that has been growing in popularity for some years. The accessibility of this form of marketing and the broad scope for different campaigns or even educational and informative videos make it an extremely attractive option for many companies. In terms of a brief definition, video marketing can be described as the use of any moving visual imagery that aims to convince the consumer to take a step toward making a purchase. With the explosive growth of social media platforms and the increasing online consumption of information, video marketing fits perfectly into such channels. Today, many niche industries are using video marketing as a key part of their overall sales and marketing strategy. In this article, the importance of video marketing for such firms will be explored.

It helps to reach a global audience

When you consider that social media platforms are used by a significant and growing proportion of the world population, video marketing can be a key way to advertise products from niche industries to a global audience. It is estimated that over 62% of the world’s population uses some form of social media, which equates to over 5 billion people. For niche industries that operate online, video marketing can raise awareness of the company and allow interest to be converted into sales or website visits. For example, the online casino industry will commonly release video marketing campaigns on social media sites. An online casino in Ontario can create short promotional videos that show a range of card games and slot machines being enjoyed by customers. Key facts about the casino can be described, such as the use of encrypted webpages to protect customer financial information and create a safe and secure gaming environment. In addition, welcome bonuses and loyalty reward schemes can be highlighted to entice gaming adults to visit the site. As the number of online casinos grows, video marketing becomes a key way for sites to reach a global audience and build their brand image and awareness. Video marketing is an excellent fit for online companies, especially when they can effectively target a worldwide consumer base.


Cost-effective when compared to traditional media

Another key benefit of video marketing for niche industries is that it is a cost-effective way to promote your company or the goods and services you produce. Recent statistics indicate that 91% of marketers spend less than $50,000 on a video marketing campaign. Smaller niche firms may spend considerably less than this and still be able to reach a vast audience by targeting specific online platforms. When you consider that a traditional television advert can cost over $1 million if it is screened at peak viewing times on a popular network, the cost-effectiveness of video marketing becomes obvious. Niche industries may not have a large marketing budget and need to ensure that every dollar spent on advertising has an impact. In addition, budget video cameras can be bought for only a few hundred dollars and may still be able to shoot in 4K resolution. This allows any firm to gain professional results that would not have been achievable on similarly priced cameras a decade ago.

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