Useful Sports Management Software Tools


What can often be the case where managing a sports team or club is concerned is that there’s a high workload but not enough people or time to deal with it. But, naturally, where there is a problem, there is also a solution, and most solutions have been created through software designed to help reduce workloads and streamline things across the board.

As we’ve seen with everything related to sports, software and platforms have become key. For example, betting on all sports online is big business, and as we have seen over recent years, the software available to the masses helps to make the activity not only more accessible but faster and more enjoyable as a result too. So, in sports management, the hope has always been for the same end result, which has been with the following pieces of software.


What has become popular in the last decade specifically are football camps. They’re the ideal solution for parents who want their kids to be active during school holidays, for example. But organising football camps and keeping track of attendees and so on will often prove a challenge, especially when dealing with large numbers. This is where RegPack comes in, as it will store and organise all relevant data so that organisers can refer to it on demand.


TeamTracky is a fittingly named piece of sports management software that works across a range of devices, including mobile, which allows users to keep track of their team and the players within it. The software allows those managing the team to do everything, from sending out email notifications to checking out activity reports. The fact the software works on mobile is a huge positive, too, because it means sports management and everything it entails can happen on the go.


GoalLine is one of the go-to pieces of sports management software because it’s sports management software that isn’t limited to just one sport. So, it’s the perfect solution for a sports club where football, tennis, boxing, and other sports take place. Using GoalLine will allow matches and competitions to be scheduled, registrations to happen 24/7, scores to be tracked, and communications to be sent. It’s very much a one-stop-shop, which is easy to use and optimised for use on all devices, too, so users can complete tasks on the fly rather than having to wait to get in front of a computer.


The final valuable sports management software tool we’re going to recommend readers check out is called OwlWise. There is a free version of OwlWise and a paid version, which is ideal for those looking to take advantage of the more advanced features. OwlWise, in short, is software that can be used at all levels of sports management, so from schools right up to sports clubs. And features include being able to share relevant images and video content, billing customers, instant messaging, organising events, and scheduling competitions on calendars in real-time.

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