Best Instagram Automation Tools That Boost Engagement

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. According to recent statistics, Instagram has about one billion monthly active users. For the past years, it has exceeded other social media in terms of users and daily views.

In comparison to them, it has the greatest marketing potential. That’s why most businesses decide to advertise their products on this platform. To make this easier for brands, multiple software and tools have been developed over the years. These software programs are called Instagram automation tools.

What is Instagram Automation?

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Instagram Automation is when you use software that will maintain your account, complete your tasks, and communicate with people without the presence of a human.

This means that likes and comments, for example, can be effectively taken care of without any human involvement. They can also take care of publishing, reporting and the statistics for you behind the scenes making it much easier to track everything.

You want to reach a target demographic, and the software you’ve bought will go through accounts looking for people who might be interested in what you’re selling. In a perfect world, the software performs everything you’d do yourself to boost your Instagram engagement when you don’t have the time.

Things that you can automate are likes, follow/unfollows, comments, direct messages, Story views, scheduling and publishing, reporting, and analytics.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

1. Kicksta

Kicksta homepage

Kicksta offers Instagram development benefits to over 100k Instagram accounts of influencers, social media supervisors, trade proprietors, and organizations, developing devotees naturally through their restrictive AI-powered innovation.

They guarantee their customer’s continuous growth without bots and fake followers. The team behind Kicksta has a unique approach based on organic growth, and that’s what sets them apart from others.

2. Growthoid

Growthoid homepage

Growthoid is a marketing agency that assists users in growing their audience by increasing followers through manual growth. They don’t use bot technology. Instead, they use Artificial Intelligence. This is a much safer way of growing an account, plus it’s also faster. Still, it’s hard to compare it to an online marketing agency London.

Growthoid has a secure process and makes your account growth seem natural and organic. In addition, you can add targeted features if you want to share your content with a specific audience. Growthoid offers great customer support and is affordable when it comes to pricing. The only con is that it doesn’t offer a free trial like some other programs.

3. Nitreo

Nitreo homepage

Nitreo is a great tool for attracting organic followers. It is one of the most used tools for Instagram automation. It’s effortless to set up. Insert your Instagram account and select your niche. After that Nitreo takes over and starts promoting your account.

Nitreo understands the Instagram algorithm and works hand in hand with it. As you start getting a new audience, the targeting process will also improve and be more specific. There are no fake followers or fake accounts. Every follower is real and genuine.

4. Growthsilo

Growthsilo homepage

Growthsilo is one of the most popular automation tools. It grows your account manually, making sure to add followers organically. It is used by various businesses, influencers, or anyone that wants to grow on Instagram.

This platform only advertises your account to a targeted audience and helps you reach as many people as possible, so they’ll be no automatic scheduling involved with this one.

This tool also helps you with monetizing your account and bettering social media engagement. The team pays special attention to the customer’s safety and offers a 14 – day money-back guarantee. For those who are indecisive, they also offer a free trial.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social homepage

Sprout Social‘s social media management platform unleashes the full potential of social to revolutionize not just your marketing strategy but also every part of your business.

Businesses that use Sprout are among the best in their fields and see social media as a critical component of their entire company plan and a way to build stronger relationships with their clients and prospects.

Spend less time on routine activities and more time creating meaningful connections with your audience. Prove that you care about your customers by providing responsive, personalized service and assistance that results in customer pleasure and loyalty.


Instagram automation tools can be very useful. They help you specifically target your target audience and ensure that your content reaches those who are interested. They make your job easier by taking on all the main responsibilities related to marketing on social media.

These tools can be very effective in helping you get started with your Instagram journey. They are especially useful if you happen to run more than one account. Instagram marketing has become one of the most popular marketing methods in recent years, so these tools can be great for different businesses to increase their presence on the market.

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