Best Web Design Software in 2021 to Make Website Creation Faster and More Effective

Today, almost 4.72 billion people in the world actively use the internet. Therefore, business and sales over the internet are becoming more and more attractive to companies since, with the growth of internet users, the number of customers who make their purchases exclusively online is also growing.

Surely, for a good result on the online market, it is necessary to have an outstanding site representing your work. This means that it must be visually appealing and unique, as well as extremely fast and functional, which is achieved by following the latest trends.

For WordPress designers, the best web design software can expedite website creation, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall design process. Tools like Elementor and Divi Builder offer drag-and-drop interfaces and advanced customization options, enabling designers to create visually stunning and functional WordPress websites quickly and effectively.

In that case, this article will introduce you to the seven best web design software in 2021 that can help you make a quality website for your business. If you need other people to do the work for you, you will need professionals, so check out agencies like this web design agency in dubai.

1. WordPress

WordPress org homepage

WordPress is the most popular blog and CMS platform (almost 40% of all websites use WordPress), first published on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg, whose main orientations are aesthetics, web standards, and ease of use. WordPress is free and at the same time invaluable. It has many features, including a plugin architecture and proposed systems.

Here are a few examples of the type of websites you can create with WordPress:

  • Blog
  •  E-commerce website
  • Business website
  • Membership website
  • Portfolio website
  • Forum website
  • E-learning website

2. Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe DreamWeaver homepage

This program is run by Adobe and is the first software that allows users to edit web pages visually rather than by writing code. It is very user-friendly and has very quickly gained popularity. The biggest advantage is that through Adobe Dreamweaver, you can start from a mere sketch and create a functional site.

With all the tools this program offers, you can change the site instantly, and all changes are immediately visible, which means that you can see what your final product will look like. Although many web designers and developers initially challenged this program, claiming that nothing could replace handwritten code, Dreamweaver still managed to convince critics otherwise.

Of course, to use it, you must know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the very essence of creating sites. As you create a website, you will end up with a lot of files. Dreamweaver has a great ability to manage all these files, also linking between files and organizing them is very easy.

Adobe tools are always improving and advancing. Whether you are new to web development, a student, or a professional, they provide a plan that will fit your needs and requests. This program costs $20.99 per month, but you can also try it for free within 30 days.

3. Wix

Wix homepage

Wix is a digital tool for creating and entering materials and elements that every website must contain while guiding the user through the process of creating a website. The step-by-step guide asks the user to select a category, i.e., page type: business page, blog, restaurant, or online store.

Depending on the selection, in the next step, Wix will offer to choose a specific theme(template). Each template brings a range of functionalities, such as buttons, modules, content block formats, colors, fonts, etc. At any time, the user can view his webpage by pressing the „Preview. “ button or at the moment when the page is finished by clicking on „Publish. “

When publishing a page, the user must select the domain, aka the name of your site. It is possible to use a free domain, such as www. username-Wix/page_name, while the other option is to purchase a domain of your choice and activate it as the primary for that page. Wix is a great choice for beginners who have no experience in web design.

It definitely takes time to master all the functionalities before the website takes its final form.  This software offers you a free plan, but with paid plans that range between $14 and $39, offer extra web space, no Wix ads, and premium e-commerce functions like booking.

4. Weebly

Weebly homepage

Weebly is one of the highest-quality online website builders. It already has over over 30 million users and offers quality options like a domain of your choice, the possibility of creating an e-shop, and creating an email newsletter for your business. You can build your website independently from the beginning or by using ready-made templates.

Its simple design means that its features are limited and doesn’t give you quite the level of maneuverability like Wix and its other competitors, but the advantage is that it has an interface that is easy to use. You can create a custom business website or an online store without skimping on the quality in less than five minutes.

Like almost every software, Weebly also has a free plan, and the paid-for subscription range from $6 to $26 per month.

5. Webflow

Webflow homepage

Webflow is also a powerful, web-based design tool that allows you to build and design websites without using any code, all thanks to a drag-and-drop editor. What makes Webflow so unique and a little bit different from its competitors is that the visual design and code are not separated. It also allows you to reuse CSS classes and offers a wide range of hosting plans.

You won’t waste time using one piece of the program to build prototypes and turn them into real products later. Instead, Webflow does it for you, making it an excellent tool for people who aren’t familiar with coding but need a customizable platform to create responsive websites, blogs, or landing pages. More detailed features can be read on this specific Webflow review.

If you want to go live, you will need a paid account that costs $12 per month for a basic membership, and the price can even go up to $200 for big e-commerce businesses.

6. Bluefish

Bluefish homepage

Bluefish is a tool used to edit the code for any page script. It is intended for developers who have knowledge of writing HTML and CSS code and work with the most common scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP, as well as many others.

The main purpose is to make coding easier and reduce errors. This is a free, open-source software, and its versions are available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and various other platforms like Unix. Although Bluefish is not a WYSIWYG ( „what you see is what you get “) editor, it has the ability to allow you to view the code in any browser.

Its ability to support autocomplete, syntax highlighting, debugging tools, script output frame, plugins, and templates can give you a head start when creating anything with code.

7. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code homepage

Visual Studio Code, created by Microsoft, is completely free, not only for private but for commercial use also. As such, it has a large number of fans, and the fans are mostly developers. There is also a large number of plugins that make working with it easier, and some of them can even speed up the process of writing the code.

Visual Studio Code supports the following programming languages: Go, XML, Razor, Coffee Script, Clojure, Haxe, R, Python, TypeScript, Java, Rust, Groovy, Dockerfile, SQL, Visual Basic, Jade, Markdown, CSS, JSON, Makefile, Ini, Ruby, Lua, PowerShell, Less, C#, Sass, F#, Objective-C, Perl, Batch, JavaScript, HandleBars, Swift, C++, PHP, HTML.

No matter which programming language you use, the basic options are the same. The best thing about this program is the free extensions. They allow you to manage the database, automatically complete the syntax, debug the code, and more. More than 90% of extensions you can find are open source. When it comes to the interface, there is a huge selection of themes to choose from.

Another great thing is that the code editor always protects the code from deletion, so you don’t have to worry about the code being lost due to a system crash or just closing the program – the latest
the version will always be saved.


Web design is one of the most wanted jobs today, and the tools they offer can be useful to all those who have some prior knowledge related to web design, hosting, file management, etc. In this sense, a quality website can be created quickly and for a relatively low price.

Developing a great website can only bring good to your business, and with these mentioned software, you can save yourself a lot of stress.

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