How to Develop a Mind-Blowing Topic for Your Essay

Since essays are a prevalent task in college, and students produce numerous papers within their academic path, it is pivotal to remain creative. Written assignments help students brush up on their analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills. But let’s be honest. With all those benefits essay writing provides, it might be hard to compose a top-notch and unparalleled paper.

Educators often give students freedom of choice, allowing them to write essays on free topics. But how do you come up with one that will be outstanding and score the highest mark? Many students share their experiences. “If I can’t come up with a topic, I ask experts to write my paper for me,” they state.

This is the simplest way to get your assignment completed. If you want to develop a splendid topic and compose an essay from scratch on your own, here are some practical tips for you to consider.

Form questions

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Developing a topic is never easy. You should analyze every scenario and take many aspects into account. First and foremost, keep in mind that you’re not the only one determining whether a topic is engaging. You have to make sure your audience also likes it. Of course, when working on a topic, analyze what interests you in the first place.

Once you have a list of subjects, you can start thinking about your readers and their interests. Besides that, ask yourself what you would like to learn more about. This will help you build a solid thesis statement.

Finally, when your interests correlate with readers’, ask yourself if your potential topic is debatable or not. It is crucial to have the audience broken down into two parties – those who agree with arguments and those who don’t.

Brainstorm ideas

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Brainstorming is an excellent way to develop a topic and come up with unique ideas for the paper. If you, for instance, more or less know a subject and want to better it, brainstorming may come in handy.

First, start with broad concepts. Think of possible ideas you might include in an essay. Suppose you want your topic to be related to IT, programming particularly. In that case, you can focus on ideas related to cloud computing, cryptography, etc.

When you have a list of such ideas, review every point separately and narrow it down. It will let you decide on the best and most tightly connected ideas that will make your piece coherent and informative.

Don’t shy away from employing various brainstorming methods when working on ideas and a topic as a whole. Not only will such techniques make you more productive, but they will also help you develop outside-the-box ideas and speed up your writing session.

The most effective approaches are:

  • Rapid ideation
  • Clustering
  • Freewriting
  • Mind-mapping

Furnish your topic with the necessary details

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Essay topics must always be clear and straight to the point. When working on a subject, ensure that it’s accurate enough, so the reader knows what direction you will go.

For instance, you want to write about the German community in Romania. This topic is vast, as it evokes plenty of questions about whether the paper will focus on political matters, economic aspects, or ethnic features.

To make your essay less dubious, try to narrow down the topic and add interrogative adverbs, time, place, a person (or people), event, or subtopic. Look at an upgraded example: The politics of the German community in 19th century Romania.


Don’t blindly consider your interests when thinking of a topic for your essay. Your readers’ interests are equally crucial. Developing a subject is often demanding, so don’t give up the process if you encounter a lack of ideas. Follow the steps we went over in this article, and you will manage to come up with an exceptional topic for your essay shortly.

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