How To Collect Reviews and Show Them as Gold Stars on Google

Standing out within a highly competitive environment takes hard work. Business owners around the world use a great number of different tools and plugins, hoping for better search results, and yet only a few make it. But the key is simplicity.

When talking about a simple process that brings enormous advantages, we must talk about AddStars. Review stars in Google search results instill trust in prospective clients. If you want to get your reviews from different web sources, and have them show up as stars on Google, keep reading.


AddStars website


AddStars is the only tool capable of grabbing reviews from different web locations, packing them all together, and displaying them on Google Search results.

The yellow stars will be right where your clients will look first, causing about one-third of additional revenue on average. That simply means that your feedback and reviews on other platforms, including Facebook, Google Business, etc., will be snatched and wrapped up, ready to appear on Google Search.

It is needless to mention how many benefits this tool brings to different expert profiles, from marketing and web design agencies to developers. Another great feature, especially handy for developers, is the white-label mode.

If you’re looking to buy more than a license for the tool, it’s also worth mentioning that they automatically stack. This means you’ll have access to all of them from a single unique dashboard. The team behind AddStars also recently announced that it will soon be possible to collect reviews from more than 100 platforms as opposed to today’s 12.

Integration to websites, as an important aspect, is also made easy. AddStars provides the users with a unique code they can add on the site’s backend. The software itself also comes with an easily understandable step-by-step guide that will ensure you waste no time and start collecting reviews quickly. Plus, you need no coding experience to get started.


Everyone knows how important reviews are for getting new clients sooner rather than later. AddStars is a great tool that will suit your business needs by getting reviews wherever they are.

So far, you can collect these reviews from more than ten sites, but more are coming in the future. This is perhaps the best tool to aggregate and show star reviews on Google. AddStars is, beyond everything else, simple to use, and there is no doubt that it will enhance your business like no other.

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