How to Get Keywords Into Google Analytics and Improve Your SEO Strategy

The one thing that is guaranteed to help you get organic traffic is SEO. Using all the right tips and tricks will enormously help you rank higher on search engines. And a big part of SEO is keywords. With great content quality, good site optimizations, and some great keyword games, you can be unstoppable. But, it is always good to know who your competition is and what keywords you can use. Think of any big company, and you will immediately know their slogan and some keywords.

If you are selling sporty clothes, you need to know that you won’t be able to get the number one spot with some keywords. We all know which companies are fighting over that number one spot. It is no secret that the links that are positioned higher on the first page get all the traffic. Most users don’t even go to the second page of the results – I know I don’t.

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To regular users, everything past the first 5 links is considered the deep dark web. But for all of that to work perfectly, you need to get more insight from your Google Analytics. You know data is not very useful to you and your team if you do not have the specifics.

Imagine you want to make a beautiful cake, and all you have is the ingredients listed. There are no specifics like how much chocolate to put in or how many spoons of milk you need. You are practically doomed to figure it out yourself and hope for the best results. It is the same with keywords and SEO. So, because your website is an important part of your business, you need all the in-depth data about organic keywords. That is how you are going to perfect your SEO game. And with that, your business and page will blossom. You will evolve just as Pikachu evolves into Raichu!

We wouldn’t write all of that if we didn’t have a tool for you. So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero homepage

The name says it all – Keyword Hero. This is a tool that will tremendously help you with your SEO game. That is because it lets you see all of your organic keywords and their specific performance metrics. And you can see all of that inside your Google Analytics. It will provide you with super-specific performance metrics that you can monitor over time. You will be able to see conversion rates, revenue, sessions, and a lot more for every single keyword. The clock is ticking on all those question marks above your head.

Also, it gives you great insight into the performance of your landing page across a variety of organic queries. That way, you will see the searches where your site is doing the best so that you can use that to your own advantage. For example, you will see that your white wedding cake is gaining a lot of traffic on searches for vegan cakes. Traffic is traffic no matter where it comes from.

It is the perfect tool for people that are still trying to figure out their SEO strategy. But, even if you are not a beginner, it’s ready to improve your already existing skills. You can get full-on details about all of your organic keywords, like, where is your keyword’s position in the search engine results pages.

But that is just a small part. You will also be able to see how many people are using that keyword. And how many new users are joining in on it. If it has a small number and you still aren’t ranking high for it – leave it. Sometimes, keywords aren’t the best, and that is perfectly fine.

Keyword Hero features

But the fun part is that you can see the behavior for each keyword. How small or big is the bounce rate, a session on the page, and the average session length. The smaller the bounce rate, the better it is. Besides that, why not narrow down the data by looking at what device types are being used?

We all know by now that mobile device searches have skyrocketed over the years. It is easier to open Google on your phone and get the answer in 5 seconds than to turn on your laptop and search for it. That’s why it’s helpful to see organic keyword effectiveness across all devices. From desktop to mobile and tablet, everything is covered.

Another thing you should know is that some keywords are branded. If you didn’t know about this before, let us explain. Those are keywords that have the name of the company in them. You do not want to use a keyword that has a name of a competitor of yours in them.  But you can always use alternative slogans that usually spark great traffic and have a minimal bounce rate.

Luckily, with Keyword Hero, you can check that out. You will see if a keyword is brand-related or not. That way, you can avoid mix messaging with your content.


Using keywords is essential for your SEO. But having all the right information to the tiniest of detail is just breathtaking. Not just that it will take your breath away, but it will be handy as well. With all of that info, you will rock the SEO field and take control of your business while taking it to the next level.

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