Are Graphs Still a Thing In 2021?

Do you still remember the time when you first had to do a graph? Had you reached far back in time for a moment there, right? This is because making charts and graphs is an essential skill we need in our lives. Hence why we were taught about it from an early age.

I’m pretty sure you would not know how many of those you made from middle school all the way to your professional career. The answer most likely is a whole lot! Why is making different types of charts and graphs so crucial in our lives?

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The answer to that is all down to simplification. Humans love to look for ways to simplify things, and graphs do that job pretty well. That is why online graph makers like Venngage are getting really popular.

This type of app lets you create professional and creative-looking graphs through oodles of templates, icons, and other elements. The results are amazing-looking charts that you can do via a few clicks and tweaks. It’s that simple!

These tools have been so necessary throughout human history. Without charts and graphs, conquering the seas and discovering new lands would not have been possible. Astronomy and mathematics use these tools to make world-changing discoveries. The largest corporations and businesses also use these to dominate their markets and industries.

Charts and graphs are even more so in today’s fast-paced and digital landscape. Not convinced about this? Then allow me to justify (as if it really needs that) why graphs are still a thing in 2021?

Graphs can save human lives

You might be saying right now, “Yeah, right, how can something like a pie chart save human lives?” The power chart had throughout history might surprise you. Allow me to cite an example.

In the 1850s, Victorian London was under the throes of a fast-spreading cholera epidemic. While the causes of cholera are understood nowadays (albeit still a dangerous disease), back then, this was quite the head-scratcher for the scientific community. Causes of cholera range from miasma in the air to “God just plain hating us.”

Yep, it was that bad.

It was not until a certain Dr. John Snow decided to get to the bottom of this outbreak. He used what is referred to as a “geographical chart” and began to see a pattern in the cases.

The chart led him to believe that all of the issues stemmed from a pump near Broad Street.  Suffice to say, after it became evident that he was unto something. The city of London shut off the pump and repaired the sewer system. This stopped the cholera outbreak from spreading further and, in turn, saved hundreds of lives.

John Snow’s chart paved the way for future techniques in battling epidemics or pandemics. Is it still important today? Have you heard of a little something called “Covid-19?”

Data drives the world

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Every endeavor from politics to businesses craves data. The bigger and more accurate the data, the better! Data allows us to make informed decisions, create better strategies, and track our progress. This is especially true in today’s world, where it is highly competitive and fast-paced.

Charts and graphs are vital if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Ever wonder why your team meetings are plastered with these presentations? Because these are the very tools that allow us to understand large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Let’s say you need your sales team to understand your company’s sales trend for the last ten years. Will you read them the month-by-month results and expect them to understand any of it? Of course not! You will most likely use a specific chart that can easily show them the increases and dips, plus the plateaus in your sales.

There are thousands of more examples of these. For instance, Infographics is fast becoming a better way for today’s youth to learn or be informed about something. Infographics are just a better fit for today’s social media-obsessed market.

As long as data is essential in our world, so too will be charts and graphs.

It’s part of our daily lives

You might think these tools are just for the scientific and business world. But have you ever realized how much we also use charts and graphs for our daily lives?

When you want to track your vitamin and medicine intake, it’s always better with a chart. It’s the same thing when we do our taxes. I mean think about it, don’t we use a form of a graph or chart when we plan special events like weddings? Let’s go a step further.

Have you ever tried to budget your family’s daily finances? Or create a weekly budget so you can save some money for that vacation for you and the kids. The best way to tackle these is through the use of a chart.

The truth is, our very lives, both professional and personal, will be difficult without the use of these life-changing tools.

2021 and beyond!

Are charts and graphs still important in 2021? If you have been paying any attention, then I think you know the answer to that. Forget about 2021! Charts and graphs are crucial things that all people should know about up until the foreseeable future. That is how necessary these seemingly simple tools are!

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