Best Ways To Learn German with no Effort for Marketers

German lessons can be tricky for people who do not yet know Indo-European languages. Your previous experience, fluency and contact with the language, and enthusiasm for learning are many factors that affect how fast you learn German. Let’s show you how to train up your vocabulary to become part of your thinking and improve your German as a marketer.

Start Setting Goals at First

It’s the perfect way to start learning a new language. First, create an overview and then break it down into smaller topics so you can choose one instead of having a lot of things to know. Creating a study plan is a great way to achieve your goals quickly. Keep track of what you do every day and when your motivation levels will drop. Do it the next day to do it better.

Do Step By Step Learning

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If you start learning German without taking the time to understand the context,  you will soon forget about it. Our brains need time to process information and store and report new information to other information we already know.

So if you try to record a lot of information at once, it will only overwhelm the brain. So the effort will be in vain. That’s why you should take a small part and make sure you do it every day without skipping anything.

Practice More in Real Life

It’s not just a way to learn German, but everything you know for the first time. Becoming a fluent German speaker requires the repeated practice of the exact words and phrases. It will get your brain used to the language. Getting help from language applications or cards can help with this process. Speak words aloud and say them when reading to get better results.

Learn Within a Group

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Learning with an individual as a group is a more effective way to improve speaking and listening. You can start with your friends or other students with similar interests. If you invite someone who speaks German to the group, it will be even more enjoyable.

Try to incorporate fun and creative activities to make the learning process more enjoyable. Role-playing is also a great way to increase fluency because it requires a lot of storytelling. You can also include recipes for food, cooking, games, art, etc., to learn relevant vocabulary.

It’s also good to learn something right before bed, and there’s a scientific explanation for it. Our brains process information when we sleep, and memories come together. Regular reading of a German fairy tale book, listening to some dialogues, or a short informative video in German will bring better results. This way, you can literally learn German in your sleep!

Start Using Google Analytics in German

As you continue to learn a new language, you will get to the point where you start thinking it. But it can also be in the early stages if you can spend a few minutes thinking about something in German each day. We always do it in our native language, but it can be easy with practice. Start with small and straightforward translations of things around you, and then use complex sentences.

Make a Plan and Follow It


Creating a plan and following tips is only helpful if you learn to avoid distractions. It can be in the form of friends who call you to a party, take part in phone calls with your relatives and other similar things.

All of this may not be too big of a deal, but it will gradually lower your level of motivation and reduce your effectiveness. This way, you will eventually either drop your plans or spend a lot of time learning German.

Drawing pictures representing words or using colors to remember essential things is another great strategy that boosts efficiency. It will make learning German terms more transparent and accessible.  Use specific colors for different parts of speech, such as red for verbs, yellow for nouns, green for adjectives, etc.

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