Does a Minecraft Server Need a GPU?

Minecraft has over 141 million players worldwide, making it one of the most popular MMORPGs at the moment. If you love the same game, then you have already thought about creating a private server. This way, you know exactly who’s connecting, making the whole experience better.

However, if you’ve tried to use your computer for hosting, you’ve probably noticed lag and other connectivity issues. That’s why it’s essential to switch to a professional provider. Should you choose a dedicated server with a GPU or just stick with a normal one? Today, we’ll give you the answer!

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Is Minecraft dependent on a GPU?

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Minecraft is more dependent on the CPU rather than the GPU. That doesn’t mean you will buy the cheapest solution available and get away with it. Not if you want good performance at least. The power of your dedicated server will limit your FPS and is directly related to the resolution.

If you’re thinking about investing in GPU hardware, you will need to consider the following:

  • Graphics: Minecraft can be played in fast or fancy settings. The second option means high-quality graphics, including increased rain particles and a black vignette in darker areas.
  • Render Distance: If more chunks are visible at once, this requires more power. The settings allow you to have from 2 to 32 chunks.
  • Mipmap Levels: This affects how smooth the textures look. The higher the level, the better the textures.

Keep in mind that when you choose unlimited frames, you might need a GPU to sustain the same option across all devices.

Why do mods make Minecraft slower?

Having a modded Minecraft server is a great way to customize the gameplay. However, the changes will add new features and increase the graphics, which results in more demands on your hardware.

Shader mods can definitely slow down the processor, so make sure you read about the requirements before installing one. If you don’t want lousy load times or other issues, having a GPU dedicated server is definitely going to help.

How to choose the best dedicated server for Minecraft?

If you’re thinking about renting the hardware for Minecraft, you should invest in a dedicated server with GPU from BlueServers. You get a high-end hosting solution that provides all the resources needed for an amazing gaming experience.

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