How To Send Bulk Emails

Bulk emailing is the practice of sending a single email message to many people simultaneously. Newsletters, marketing messages, coupons, updates, and invitations are typically bulk emails.

Mass or bulk emails concentrate on delivering a single message to a large number of subscribers. So to have some success with bulk emailing, you’ll need a list of subscribers who have opted-in and an email marketing software such as Campaign Monitor.

Many email marketing platforms allow users to send bulk emails; however, the most reliable ones are equipped with tools that create, ship, and deliver them as quickly as possible.

Mail Merge and BCC methods

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The mail merge method (personalized) and the BCC method (native) are the two methods of sending bulk emails. So, let’s talk about them in more depth.

The mail merge method

The mail merged method is more personalized. Using the mail merge feature, you can personalize the emails you send, even if it’s going out to many people.

The most noticeable benefit of the mail merge technique is its impressive open and click-through rate. Personalized emails have been shown to increase the open rate by 29% and the click-through rates by 41%. The mail merge technique can make your email outreach more efficient and results-oriented.

The BCC method

The BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) method is the most popular one. When you send emails to multiple recipients, the BCC feature doesn’t show the other recipients to the one in question, making it appear like he’s the sole person who received the message. People love it because it’s easy to use and effective.

How to send bulk emails

Choose an email provider

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Before you make your first attempt at sending an email, you’ll need to choose an email provider that can handle the number of emails you’d like to send and satisfy your expectations of deliverability.

Find a dedicated IP address

Although it’s possible to make do with an IP address shared by two other people for sending a few emails each month, you’ll need to improve your performance when you plan to send thousands of emails each month. Sharing an IP may damage your reputation.

Sharing an IP isn’t communicating responsibly. Controlling and owning your address (es) is essential to safeguard your brand’s reputation when you grow.

Compose your email

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This is the most important step, and you begin contact with the recipients here. It’s best to begin with an appealing and attractive subject line that draws people in. Try to compose a comprehensive email by personalizing it with customized fields. Short and to the point, benefit your reader, and conclude your email with a clear call to action.

Thinking about your email from your audience’s perspective will help you adapt tones, content, and content to your reader’s preferences.

It’s impossible to go to work and start sending out 1 million emails daily. Before you can begin sending mass emails, it’s essential to get your IP address warm to prove to the internet service provider (ISPs) that you’re a reliable sender.

Filter out spam and promotions

While it’s relatively easy to schedule and mail your bulk emails, they might still not get opened by the recipients. Millions of emails are sent out daily, but some emails are not treated equally by the recipients. You may have seen this in your inbox too. A large number of promotional emails you’ll never open.


To do this correctly, you will need the help of specialized software. It will not only make the job easier but will also allow you to appear professional when you send emails, and most importantly, it doesn’t affect the speed of delivery.

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