Real Estate Social Media Marketing Ideas

As the world continues to digitize, an ever-growing number of people are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While some individuals use these sites to keep up with friends and family, others use them as powerful marketing tools.

This is especially true in the world of real estate, where a well-executed social media campaign can result in a significant increase in leads and sales.

If you’re considering using social media to market your real estate business, you should keep a few things in mind. This article will share three essential tips for real estate social media marketing success.

Plan Your Content Strategy

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The first step when using social media for real estate marketing is to develop a content strategy. What types of posts are you going to share? Will you mostly be sharing listings, open houses, or blog articles? How often will you be posting? Who will be responsible for creating and curating content?

Answering these questions ahead of time will make it much easier to create a cohesive social media strategy that achieves your desired results. It’s also important to note that your content strategy should change and evolve as you experiment and learn what works best for your business.

Choose The Right Platforms

There are a ton of different social media platforms out there, and it can be tough to know which ones to focus on for your business. Regarding real estate marketing, the three most important platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook is great for sharing listings, open houses, blog articles, and other types of content. It also allows you to create targeted ads that reach a specific audience. Twitter is useful for sharing quick updates about your business and links to your website or blog.

And Instagram is perfect for sharing beautiful photos, videos of properties, and behind-the-scenes shots of your team in action. Of course, you don’t have to be active on all three platforms – choose the ones that make the most sense for your business and start from there.

Engage With Your Audience

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is engagement. When someone takes the time to like, comment, or share one of your posts, it’s important to take the time to respond. This shows your audience that you’re listening and value their feedback.

Engagement goes beyond simply responding to comments; it also includes proactively reaching out to potential leads and customers. If you see someone tweeting about wanting to buy a new home, send them a direct message and offer your help. By building these relationships on social media, you’ll be much more likely to convert leads into customers.

Use Paid Advertising

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In addition to the organic strategies mentioned above, you can also use paid advertising on social media to reach a wider audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer affordable ad platforms that allow you to target a specific audience with your message.

When used correctly, paid social media advertising can be an extremely effective way to generate leads and sales. Make sure you’re clear about your goals before running ads, and keep track of your results so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

Top 14 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips:

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  1. Have a plan: Decide what types of content you’ll share, how often you’ll post, and who will be responsible for creating and curating your social media presence.
  2. Choose the right platform: Not all social media platforms are created equal. Regarding real estate marketing, focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Engage with your audience: Take the time to respond to comments and questions from your followers. This shows that you’re listening and that you value their feedback.
  4. Use paid advertising: Social media advertising can be an effective way to reach a wider audience with your message. Just make sure you know what your goals are before you start running ads.
  5. Experiment and learn: Don’t be afraid to try new things on social media or change your strategy if something isn’t working well. The key is to keep learning and evolving.
  6. Focus on quality over quantity: It’s better to have a smaller following of engaged users than a large following of people who never interact with your content.
  7. Use visuals: People are more likely to engage with visuals, so focus on sharing images and videos rather than text-based posts.
  8. Take advantage of social media tools: There are tons of great social media tools that can help you save time and grow your following.
  9. Promote your listings: Be sure to share them on all your social media channels, and use attractive visuals to make them stand out from the rest.
  10. Partner with other businesses: Find businesses in complementary industries (such as home staging, remodeling, etc.) and work together to promote each other’s services to a wider audience.
  11. Create attractive visuals: People are visual creatures, so ensure your photos and videos are high-quality and eye-catching.
  12. Take advantage of hashtags: Hashtags can help you reach a wider audience on social media, so use them strategically.
  13. Use contests and giveaways: Everyone loves free stuff! Hosting a contest or giveaway is a great way to generate interest in your business.
  14. Partner with other businesses: Teaming up with another business in your area can help you reach a new group of potential leads and customers.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to success with your real estate social media marketing efforts!


Paid social media marketing can effectively reach a wider audience for your real estate business. However, it’s important to have a clear plan and strategy before you start running ads. Experiment with different content and approaches, track your results, and adjust your strategy to ensure continued success.

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