The Best Places to Share Your Content

The main way to grow your business or blog in online spaces is by sharing it. Sharing content creates an interlinking connection between your sites and the more popular platforms. Knowing where to share your content can be the difference between success and failure.

Oftentimes newcomers to online content creation make the mistake of believing that quality content can make them succeed all on its own. While it’s important to note that you shouldn’t be discouraged from creating unique and high-quality content, there’s so much more to content creation that factors into success.

There are little things like writing style or the theme of your content that definitely interact with your key demographics, but nothing compares to boosting your business through sharing content. By sharing content, you’re opening the gates to your site. While you may already have a small cult following in your niche, this gives others the opportunity to find out how great you are.

Here are some recommendations to help you find the perfect place for sharing your content.

Websites that accept guest posts

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Having a fully personalized and interactive experience on social media is great. But it certainly lacks reach. The success of social media personalities is few and far between, so instead if you’re just starting out, you should consider looking at websites that accept guest posts.

They are far more frequent, accept a wide variety of topics, and can be done en masse. Instead of personally curating each and every piece of content you create, you can pump out content to build your repertoire. Using these sites is the perfect stepping stone if you’re just starting out in your online career.

They don’t take a lot of your time while at the same time they massively boost the value of your portfolio.

Here’s a list of websites that accept guest posts:


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One of the best benefits of using Reddit as your primary content sharing is that it’s incredibly niche-oriented. This means that no matter how complex and particular your ideas are, you’ll still be able to find a community that suits you. Reddit is a forum-based social media platform that focuses on creating communities.

These communities can center around regional identity, helpful advice, and, most importantly, niche topics. From video games to tech support, you’ll easily find a place for your content here. When you’re creating content for a blog, there is a chance people stumble onto it and continue following you.

But with Reddit, you already have a number of people who like the topics you cover. So all you have to do is share your content there, and they’ll be hooked.


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When it comes to personalized content, no website is better than Twitter. Since it’s focused on short-form content, you can capitalize on interesting titles. That way, your links perform better as there’s a cool tweet connected to them. Not that, but Twitter is notoriously the best platform to find success on.

So if you’re looking to go viral, sharing your content on Twitter might be the perfect place to start. People these days have shorter attention spans, so the Twitter format serves them quite nicely. On Twitter, you’ll find all the new rage and you’ll be able to instantly follow up on the newest trends.


This technique is definitely the oldest, but it still has efficiency. It’s really simple, just email people you think would like your content. Of course, this doesn’t mean just sending random people mail. Instead, send your emails to other blogs, businesses, and news companies.

If they like your repertoire, they just might promote you or even hire you. This may seem simplistic, but plenty of companies switched to the newsletter format since running a blog is unprofitable. So if you really want to get popular via email, try to cater to yourself as the next newsletter.

Only this time, there won’t be part-time students throwing a newspaper at the doorstep from a bike. Instead, you can share your content with a click of a button.

Instagram and Pinterest

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If your creativity lies more in the visual arts, Instagram and Pinterest might serve you best. There you can post your art, pictures, and videos to prompt it to a wide audience. As they are social media platforms, you’ll have plenty of interactions to boost your content. And since they have such an easy share feature, even your viewers can share your content.

From there on, you can easily monetize your content with sponsorships, commissions, and collaborations. Being a visual artist entails a very different set of requirements for sharing content. So much so that regular blogs can often be a detriment to your popularity, while you could thrive on a social media platform.

And as social media platforms are fully integrated into our everyday lives, the audience you can gather there is monumental. serves as the premier way of finding new content. Therefore it’s a great way to promote and share the content you create. By going through the content on Mix you’ll be able to see what catches people’s attention. That way, you’ll see what you need to change in your content to improve its performance.

Using Mix will show you how sharing impacts the performance of your content It even offers a browser extension so you can further curate content based on what you browse through. Sharing content through such a content aggregate allows you to have a bigger reach across the internet.

Final Thoughts

Sharing your content is a key suspect in succeeding online. It allows more viewers to come into contact with your content. No matter what website you use, it’s important to remember that having a big portfolio is good, but quality content is better.

Sharing your content has its importance in getting you started. But don’t risk its quality just to pump out an endless amount of content. With these websites, your content is sure to thrive, so make sure to pick wisely.

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