Top TikTok Analytics Tools for 2023

TikTok is a new social network. It has been around since 2016, but only in the last period has it experienced great worldwide popularity when the number of users has grown. It is owned by the Chinese company Byte Dance and is one of the few apps from this industry that came from outside the USA. We can compare it with YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook apps, but for some reason, Tik Tok breaks through and stands out in such a big competition. The target age group of this app is people between the ages of 16 and 24. However, this is not a rule because it is used by many people of different ages.

This app gives users a chance to create short videos available for viewing by the owner of the video and by other people with whom they are connected. According to the company’s official announcements, Tik Tok currently has around half a million active users. In the US is the third most popular free app, right behind Instagram and YouTube apps.

To make your TikTok content successful – it is crucial to set goals. And to know whether the goals have been achieved, it is essential to follow the analytics. Various tools for TikTok analytics can help you here. Such tools measure your success and point out the mistakes you are making. Correction of these mistakes will lead you to better analytics, and your content will become more popular. Let’s see some of the best tools on the market right now.


Brand24 is not a tool that will allow you to see complete analytics. However, the job it does is perfect. Using this tool, you can track hashtags related to Twitter and Instagram. This, in some way, brings promotion of your brand across multiple social channels. Also, you will have an insight into how the audience accepts your content.

Hashtags are popular on social channels. That’s why it is essential to track hashtag mentions and reach so you can market your content to a broad audience. Brand24 will offer graphs that show the trend of your hashtags and their reach. It will also notify you of changes, so you will know which hashtags have gone viral.


One of the analytics tools you can use for all social networks is Iconosquare. As TikTok became more popular, Iconosquare developers decided to add this social channel to their list. Used for analytics monitoring and social media management. This tool will provide you with all the necessary analytics for your accounts to know if you are on the road to success. And if you need to make crucial decisions, analyzing the analytics obtained using this tool will help you a lot.


Analisa is one of the newer tools on the market, powered by artificial intelligence. It is available in more than 57 countries, and users have rated it as a helpful tool. In addition to individuals who use it to grow their profiles and brands on social networks, even agencies and large companies use it. This tool gives you raw data insight and raw data analysis. It offers a free plan and if these options are not enough for you – subscribe to the Plus or Pro plan.

Additionally, for those looking to rapidly expand their audience, exploring options to gain TikTok followers can be an effective strategy, complementing the use of analytics tools to boost your presence on the platform.

Final Words

Image of TikTok on screen

Many users try to use this social network to gain popularity within themselves. This popularity translates into the number of followers who are interested in the content you post. Even though success in Tik Tok depends on the imagination of each one, the truth is that there are some tips or tricks to keep in mind to gain followers. One of the tricks is monitoring analytics. We could say essentially that it is also a strategy. That’s why we’ve presented you with some easy-to-use analytics tracking tools. The choice is yours. Don’t forget that tracking analytics is an important thing to grow on any social media – including TikTok.

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