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Pinterest video downloader helps you to download videos effortlessly from pinterest for free. If you saw a pinterest video and you wanted to save it to your gallery. Well, now you can make it happen using the pinterest video downloader by savethevideo.

Features -

  1.  Download Pinterest videos from pinterest app and website.
  2.  Privacy protected downloads.
  3.  Blazing Fast Downloads.
  4.  Supports every device,
  5.  Unlimited downloads allowed.
  6.  Our Pinterest Downloader comes with a chrome extension.
  7.  Ads free.

How do I download a video from Pinterest?

You can easily download any pinterest video from the pinterest website by just following these simple steps. Also, I have listed all of them below.

1. Go to any pinterest video you want & copy the link on the browser. Below, is the screenshot of how to do it correctly.


2. Visit our pinterest video downloader and paste the link. If you don’t get it just look below in the screenshot.



3. Click the yellow download button. 


4. Now, just choose the format in which it is available. 


Congratulations, you have learned how to download any video on pinterest from the pinterest website.

How do I download a video from Pinterest to my phone?

Well, there are already instructions above on how to save the video using the website so this time we will download the video using the pinterest app. Just follow the simple instructions I am giving you below to download any video from the pinterest app.

1. Open the pinterest video and just click on the 3 dots. Below is the screenshot from pinterest app.




2. Tap on copy to copy the link.




3. Now, paste the copied link on our downloader and tap on yellow download button.




4. Choose the format to download.




 Now, you can download and save videos from both the pinterest app and website.


Chrome Extension

We also have a chrome extension  for you that will help  you download your pinterest video more faster and in less steps.

“chrome-extension-link” INSTALL CHROME EXTENSION


Is it safe to use a pinterest video downloader?

 Yes, it is 100% safe to use because it is free from ads or any type of trackers that every other website uses to steal data. 


Is it legal to download pinterest video?

Well, it is totally legal to download videos from pinterest until and unless you are using it for some commercial purpose because in that case it will cause you a copyright strike which is not good in any situation.