9 Best Video Live Stream WordPress Plugins That Help You Engage Visitors

Every once in a while, there’s a chance that you come up with an idea for streaming something on your WordPress website, whether that’s just quickly saying something to your visitors, doing a giveaway, or something else.

It sure does look like a good and fun idea, but how to execute that idea? We all know that WordPress doesn’t support live streaming by default, so you’ll have to go with a plugin for it. In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 best video live stream WordPress plugins, so let’s start.

1. WpStream

WPStream homepage

One of the most popular plugins for this purpose, WpStream, is getting a well-deserved position, and if you’re asking why – we’ll quickly tell you. While this program was getting designed, the WpStream team always had the user in their minds. The team made sure that everything they create – every button and every feature will be easy to use, even for users with no knowledge other than the basics when it comes to WordPress.

Besides being very easy to use, WpStream also has some pretty great features – such as subscription-based live events or the pay-per-view option.

But even if you forget about these things, another good thing about this plugin is the fact that it’s not even that expensive. First of all, you have the ability to try the plugin for free, check out how everything works – and if you like it, you can buy it for a pretty low price.

2. Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus homepage

In case you already have a stream running on YouTube, and you just want to slap it onto your WordPress website, there’s a tool for that, too. With over 200.000 users, Embed Plus is a well-known plugin that many bloggers use daily, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of the stream or if everything will run properly – it’s already been tested.

Sadly, this plugin, just as its name says, only supports YouTube streams, so if you want to stream on your website exclusively – you’ll have to start a channel on YouTube first. Although it’s offering only YouTube streams, it’s free, so you can go ahead and give it a shot.

3. bzPlayer Pro

bzPlayer preview

One of the older plugins on this list, bzPlayer, is a well-designed plugin with tons of features that will meet every user’s needs when it comes to live streams. Like Embed Plus, bzPlayer can stream directly from YouTube, but it can also stream on WordPress only, meaning that you won’t have to set up anything other than this plugin.

Besides that, this plugin supports lots of audio and video formats, making sure that you’ll be able to stream whatever you want. It also supports almost all devices, everything from phones to computers. Ads, images, and lots of other features aren’t a problem for this plugin. Plus it’s pretty cheap, too.

Be sure to check out this one. It’ll do the job needed – that’s for sure.

4. YouLive

YouLive info page

Coming in close to Embed Plus, YouLive has the same primary purpose – it transfers live streams from YouTube over to your WordPress website.

Although it has a few more features than Embed Plus, such as using pre-recorded videos and saving streams to your YouTube library – it still isn’t better than it due to a few reported bugs here and there. But still, you can test this plugin out for free – maybe you’ll like it better.

5. Modern Video Player for WordPress

Modern Video Player homepage

Having a 5.0 rating, this plugin will not only make sure that you can stream videos on your website but use it as a standard video player, too. Modern Video Player has many features and is highly customizable, letting you play videos from both YouTube and Vimeo.

We all know how handy that can come in. Besides this, Modern Video Player also supports ads on your videos, meaning that you’ll be able to monetize every video on your WordPress website as well.

6. Live Video Streaming by Hapity

Hapity homepage

Being a free plugin, Live Video Streaming by Hapity doesn’t have many features. Still, it does what it’s supposed to – it’ll make sure that you are able to stream any video you want straight onto your WordPress website, and it also doesn’t make it too hard to do, either.

Besides this, this plugin also comes with its own free video hosting, meaning that you won’t have to upgrade your hosting plan for more storage. Hapity might be simple, but it gets the job done.

7. Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player info page

In case you need a video player for a business WordPress website, you should definitely look at Easy Video Player since that’s exactly what it was created for.

Besides being fully supported on most devices and web browsers, supporting multiple video qualities and subtitles, Easy Video Player also lets you place ads on your every video, making you a quick buck in the easiest way.

8. WP Video Enhanced

WP Video Enhanced banner

Similar to Hapity, WP Video Enhanced is a very simple free WordPress plugin that lets you stream and play videos on your WordPress website for free. It has some fundamental features, but given the fact that it’s totally free and gets the job done, it gets a pass.

9. WebinarPress

WebinarPress homepage

Being mainly focused on Webinars, WebinarPress is another great plugin that will make running Webinars on your WordPress website very easy.

With lots of features like Active Offers, Email Notifications, and Live Chat & Questions, WebinarPress will make sure that every webinar you run on your website goes smoothly and leaves your users with a good impression.


Out of these 9 plugins, we can’t really pick the best one. All of them are designed for different types of users. So you’ll probably make the best choice on your own. Take another quick glance at the list and gauge your options.

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