How To Create Comparison Tables for Your Shop

Online shopping is quite tough. You have to decide what to purchase without actually trying out the products you’re looking for. This led to a situation where people would have to exploit free returns just to see if their items fit. In turn, eCommerce businesses suffered major profit losses.

The root of that issue stemmed from the fact that customers simply had no way to compare similar products. Therefore they were forced to buy and return multiple products in the US, which turned into such an issue that some online shoppers would even buy four to six copies of the same product just to see which one fits.

While the popular solution may seem like restricting free shipping, that may drive away your customer base. Instead, try using a comparison chart tool on your website. They immediately allow your customers to see similar products and how they compare to each other.

What is Affiliatable?

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As far as comparison table tools go, Affiliatable is by far the best. It’s an all-in-one tool through which you’ll convert customers more efficiently. You can use it to create product boxes, comparison charts, top 5 product boxes, and even show off your product ratings. Creating product boxes and comparison tables is quite an important aspect of running an eCommerce business.

They are the first thing any visitor looks for on a website and have the highest probability of converting visitors into customers. Not only do comparison tables show off similar items, but they also provide a nifty summary if the customer just wants to view one item.

No matter what your product is, a comparison table is always useful. When it comes to technology, they are a great way to compare features, and clothing and accessory websites can use them to compare sizing. This is extremely useful as everybody knows how wild sizings can get in online shopping.

Even if you have a relatively small range of products, you should still use Affiliatable. Its ranking boxes can show off your most popular products. That way you can have a small ad for items that are doing the best and encourage traffic to them. People often see popular items as trustworthy ones. After all, if people are buying it, it’s logical to conclude that the quality is high.

Another great way to use this tool is in tandem with affiliate products. Then you can promote both affiliates and your own products through the same comparison table. This is especially useful if you’re trying to promote your business as an alternative to large corporations like Amazon.

Affiliatable can even help you if you’re an amazon retailer too. That’s because it can show your customers how much Amazon affects prices.

Why Choose Affiliatable?

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Affiliatable was specifically designed to be easy to use. Its design was catered toward bloggers and small businesses that create websites by themselves. That’s why this tool is fully customizable so that it can perfectly adapt to any website it’s integrated into.

In case you don’t have the time to create fully unique comparison tables, Affiliatable even offers premade templates that can fit into almost any website style. These premade templates can even be used as a starting point. That way, you can design perfect product boxes without having to start out from scratch. Efficiency is key for every online business.

Therefore having both the option to customize your comparison tables and use premade templates can incredibly help your efficiency. It’s important to mention how Affiliatable has strong compatibility with almost any page builder. No matter if you’re using custom-made sites or use page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg. Affiliatable works with them all.

If you’re trying to sell specific products first, Affiliatable’s product boxes are a great way to show those products off. You can place these product boxes anywhere on your site, and they’ll serve as a mini summary of your favorite product. This can help promote products but can also serve as an additional reminder for customers that are trying to buy add-ons or attachments.

Affiliatable is a service as a subscription tool which means you’ll get your full service for a lower cost while maintaining great compatibility. Because of that, Affiliatables is a great tool for beginners in eCommerce and small businesses. You’ll never need to worry about if a tool breaks your site or if some incompatibility wipes your data.

And since Affiliatable is a SaaS, that means you’ll be fully independent of website-building platforms like WordPress.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Affiliatable is an incredible platform for creating comparison tables for eCommerce sites. With it, you can design unique product boxes that tend to convert far more customers than product pages. By using this tool, you’re helping customers decide what product to buy. It’s long known that product comparison helps drive up sales, so there’s no reason not to get Affiliatable

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