Top Free Shopify Apps to Help You Grow Your Store and Cover All the Basis

If you have not heard of this platform, you are probably living under a rock. You have probably, at some point in your life, heard how someone made tons of money using Shopify in just a couple of days. To sum it all up, Shopify is a platform where you can build an e-commerce store, and they will also host it for you. With this e-commerce solution, you can sort your products, track them, communicate with your customers, and accept credit card payments.

It is not free, per month you usually pay about $30. You can look at it as paying a fee to go to the gym, but instead of using a treadmill or weights to build your muscles, you are using an engine that builds and improves your business. Unfortunately, this means that even though you perhaps do not earn any money out of it, you are still paying a fee.

One of the biggest drawcards when using Shopify as your main e-commerce platform is their huge library of amazing apps. Since the app and e-commerce world is growing exponentially and getting better every day, here, we are going to talk about our top 10 free apps you need to check out to improve your Shopify business and give your users a better experience. We encourage you to try them out since they are free anyway.

1. Offset

Offset dashboard

Unfortunately, the amount of polluting gas is increasing day by day. With millions of shipping of products every day, the need for neutralizing the shipping emission was a priority. This app calculates the total emissions that are being generated by your shipping orders. When calculating it, that number becomes your Offset cost, which is usually low. What is amazing about this app is that you get a dashboard where you can track your environmental impact and see how much of nature you have saved.

2. Shopify Email

Shopify email creations

It is really important to stay in touch with your customers all the time by promoting your product and seeing their reactions as well as getting their feedback. The best way to promote your product and business is with Shopify Email. This is an amazing marketing app for creating an email list with the ability to manage your campaigns.

You get the admin dashboard, and with just a few clicks, you can send branded emails to your subscribers’ list. With this app, you get over a maximum of 2,500 emails for free each month. Then you pay $1 for every 1000 emails sent after that.

3. Advoz

Advoz homepage

We know how much advertising your brand on social media can help grow your business and get closer to your customers. If you want to get a certified advertising professional who will create custom ads for your social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, just install this Advoz, and you will get a high-level audience that will visit your store.

4. Fancy FAQ

FancyFAQ homepage

FancyFAQ is here to get your customers closer to you and create a good customer experience. It provides instant answers to the most frequently asked questions while making it SEO-friendly.

5. Tip Quick | Tip Pop-up in Cart

Tip Quick example

With Tip Quick, you get a chance to reward workers with a 15%, 20%, or 25% tip. Every employee will be happier and motivated to work more if they have more money in their pocket, whilst customers will have an opportunity to express their appreciation for the hard work.


Promo homepage

If you want to get creative and create videos showing your product, Promo ideal app for you. All you have to do is choose the type of video you need and what product you want to show up, and this app will pull all existing images on your website and create a promotional video for growing your brand.

7. TikTok

TikTok business homepage

By now, everyone and their mother have seen a TikTok video or at least heard of it, so it is a really popular platform across all generations. Why not use it for advertising our Shopify store? With the TikTok app, you can create video ads, track them and manage all of your orders inside Shopify.

8. Mochi Texting and Live Chat Support

Mochi homepage

A great way to connect with your customers is by directly talking to them. Using Mochi, you can chat with your visitor and customers in real-time. It also shows you how someone got to your site and what product they are looking at or adding to the cart.

9. Printful

Printful homepage

This is definitely one of the best print-on-demand dropshipping apps where you can create your own unique design and put it on a shirt or pillows. With Printful, you can create matching t-shirts or pillows with your best friend, and at the same time, support the brand. The company takes care of all shipping, inventory so your only focus should be working and improving your business.

10. Smart SEO

SmartSEO promo

SEO has been a challenge for many business owners. Sometimes it takes a lot of money and time to optimize your business ranking and put it high in search engines. SmartSEO is a great tool to automate your SEO optimization and what is amazing about it is that it’s free. It automatically generates meta and alt tags, fixes broken links, and makes your e-commerce shop search-friendly.

Final Words

To sum it all up, Shopify is for sure one of the best platforms for your brand out there. You can create customer loyalty and get many chances to sell your products online. Do not think you will get rich overnight using this platform, this is a place to increase your traffic and spread your brand, but if you do not have products that users want, you will not grow.

Previously we talked about the top 10 amazing free apps you can check out to skyrocket your business. There are many more, and we encourage you to check them all out. Explore and expand your business with these amazing apps and their highly functional and useful features.

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