Best Ways to Use Videos on Your Ecommerce Site to Grab the Visitors’ Attentetion

As eCommerce sites grow, various new methods are emerging which help you to drive sales. One such way is adding videos that can help spice up your page. Customers are more likely to watch videos than to read long articles or descriptions because they find it exhausting.

There are various benefits to adding videos. It can boost your page’s search result rank, which will make it easier for users to find your site. It can also eliminate consumers’ doubt in buying your products and increase clicks, shares, and trust.

If protentional customers can see what you offer, it will be easier for them to decide to buy it, and because of that, your sales figures will grow.

How to use video content on an eCommerce site?

1. Recording every product

By recording every product you offer on your eCommerce site, you will provide your customers with a virtual demo. This demo video will prove that your product is just as incredible as you make it out to be, and it will additionally personalize your eCommerce site. With these videos, you can answer questions concerning product price, how it is used, or how to set it up, just to name a few.

Besides, it may aid in the development of interest and expectations for a specific product. The plugin UnderConstructionPage can help you add videos and promote your product even if you do not have a fully built site.

UnderConstructionPage homepage

With this plugin, you can create teasers of your future products and make great-looking coming soon pages. Coming soon pages offer a professional and organized look that is achievable in minutes. We suggest that you give it a go. The sooner you start promoting your products, the better.

2. Homepage video

Image of couch on screen

By adding videos of your products or service to the homepage, you will be able to pique your customers’ interest instantly. It will help you draw in a bigger audience and direct them to your most popular products. Instead of customers searching for videos one by one, this way, they can see your best products in one video right away, which will lead them further to explore your website.

It can also represent in detail what you and your brand offer. It is important to present your brand quickly because many users lose interest even quicker. Not to mention that by doing this, you will surely appeal more to a younger audience that is more prone to watching videos than it is to reading.

3. Using videos that users record

Image of family unboxing

Ask for user feedback and feature it on your website. With a bit of encouragement, you can persuade your customers to record their unboxing videos after receiving your product. By doing this, you can gain trust and prevent suspicion of fraud to prospective customers.

Videos like these will increase your product or brand’s popularity, and more customers will be interested in your product or even service.

It is a lot easier for customers to judge how good your product is when they see someone else using it, and not only that while unboxing, but they might also get answers to additional questions that you did not think of.  All things considered, who doesn’t like having a sense of security and confidence while they are, for example, trying to buy clothes.

4. Instructional videos

Image of woman filming

It is always good for customers to see what you are selling, but some products would benefit from videos on how to use them. You can record a video of how a particular product is assembled or used, thus preventing the difficulty of understanding how to set up or use a specific product.

Instead of reading instructions that can be confusing or too long, they just watch the video and find out everything. In addition, if you add a video, your official page will seem more professional and well put together.


If you are starting to sell your product or want to thrive in the eCommerce business, adding videos to your website is the right move to make. This is a surefire way of improving your website quickly. All you need to do is record your products or service. Videos are perfect for this because you can quickly provide customers with information about your product and assure them that they are not getting scammed.

UnderConstructionPage can help you do this even if you do not have a fully built site. With it, you can make your life easier and shorten the time spent on building the website. By using this plugin, you will achieve a professional look that will appeal to your current customers and future ones.

But if you are not sure if it is right for you, why not try it and then decide if it or not?

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