3 Popular KPI Measurement Tools to Help Entrepreneurs Keep Track of Their Business Growth

When you’re running a business, it’s crucial that you keep track of KPIs as they are the best overall indicator of how your business is performing. But what are KPIs? Well, KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, and they are a measurable value of how well your business performs on key points.

You can measure things such as overall performance or more specific objectives, such as marketing performance, sales, production, and even employee performances. These objectives can be especially useful for new and small businesses that need some help in focusing on the critical areas of their workflow in which they need to improve.

Especially if the businesses are unsure how to efficiently acquire new customers, how fast their business is growing, or even if there are any returning customers. All of these issues and more can be solved with the measurement of KPIs.

But unlike major companies that have the resources to utilize expensive KPI tools on a daily basis, smaller businesses need to be more prudent in which KPI measurement tools they utilize, so without further ado, here are the best KPI measurement tools currently on the market.


Salesforce homepage

As is with any other tech tool, the ability to personalize your experience is crucial. That’s why Salesforce takes the top spot on this list. With it, you can create completely unique dashboards for yourself and your team.

This can be especially useful if you need to have different metrics presented to different team members so that they can focus on their specific tasks rather than having a cumbersome dashboard with useless information.

Salesforce offers a plethora of options that will satisfy even the most detailed needs of their customers, and while that does mean there, you’d need to have a more in-depth approach to learning it, Salesforce’s definitely worth acquiring. As with Salesforce, you can easily manage and track all aspects of your business.


SimpleKPI homepage

Learning to use new software can sometimes be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, so using an easy-to-use tool can save you a lot of time and bother. That’s why you should utilize SimpleKPI, as it is the best option for new businesses to start with.

Having a simple layout enables SimpleKPI to focus purely on your tasks at hand. Instead of wasting time customizing each and every little detail of the tool, you can focus on measuring any and all metrics that might be useful for your business. If you are confused regarding what you should be measuring, check out this post by Matt.

And there’s a certain key aspect that comes with its simplicity, and that’s SimpleKPI’s ability to integrate with other tools and platforms. After all, the more complex a tool, the higher the chances of integration clashings and other bugs.


Geckboard homepage

Geckoboard is one of the most popular KPI measurement tools currently on the market. The reason for that ranges from its sleek live dashboard that can provide you with information in real-time to powerful customization options that help you focus on your critical issues.

And as Geckoboard can create team-based dashboards, you can share metrics between people effectively instantly as when one metric changes, all other users receive its changes. While other tools may boast about their depth of detail, Geckoboard’s focal point is definitely its speed.

So if you’re looking for a measurement tool that can provide you with accurate reports that are also incredibly quick, look no further than Geckoboard.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking KPI measurement tools, there are some aspects you must consider, some of those being speed, ease of use, and depth of detail. And if you’re just starting your business, you’ll have to pick a more economically sound option rather than splurging money for high-end tools.

That’s why these tools are perfect for newcomers, as they completely nail the crucial aspects that you might find more or less desirable in your quest for commercial success.

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